Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Do I need to make an appointment?

A. Appointments are not necessary but encouraged. You may stop in anytime that is convenient. We recommend you come in about 2-3 weeks prior to the event, but we can also help you find a dress all the way up to the day of the event!

Q: Where are you located?

A: We have moved to downtown Lowell for your convenient.

Q: How long is the rental period?

A: 5 days! We are open Wednesday through Saturday.  But we will be flexible if you need to be out of the State with the dress, and you may have it for 7days.

Q: Can I extend my rental past the 5 days?

A: Extending the rental is offered, as long as the dress isn’t reserved immediately after, it may be extended for an additional $10/day.

Q: How can I reserve a dress?

A: Come in and try on as many dresses as you want. You tell us the day and time you like to pick up.

Q: What can I expect for prices?

A: Dresses start at $50 (cocktail/short), $75 (formal/long) and may go up to $100 depending on the dress. Every dress is dry cleaned after every rental at no additional cost.

Q: Do you offer alteration?

A: At this time we do not offer alteration, we will work with you to find the perfect dress.

Q: What happens if I damage a dress?

A: If you return a dress that is damaged beyond normal wear and tear, then we shall charge the price for repairing or replacing the dress, as determined in our discretion, up to the retail value for the dress.

Q: Do you offer other services?

A: Yes, we have collaborated with Faces by Sophan to offer make-up services.  Come in to pick up your dress, get your make-up done and off to the party.

Q: Can I change my rental?

A: You can change your rentals 7 days prior to your pick-up date.

Q: Can I cancel my rental?

A: Reservations may be cancelled by contacting us 7 days before your pick-up date, and you’ll receive a store credit to use the next time you’re in.

Q: What is your late return policy?

A: If you don’t return the dress by close of business on the date of their contract, we reserve the right to charge $25/day, for up to 5 days. For dresses that are not returned after the 5 days are up, the customer are charged a maximum of 100% of the retail value.

Q: How does store credit work?

A: Your account simply updates with your credit details. Store credit never expires and may be applied towards any new purchase.

Q: What if I want to buy the dress I rented?

A: If you fall in love with a dress that isn’t reserved in the future, talk to us. We’ll see what we can do!

Q: Do you sell gift cards?

A: We currently do not offer gift cards but will be looking into it.

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